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300mm Dia CNC Internal Grinder with Siemens System for Grinding Inner Hole

Vertical internal grinding machine grinding wheel axis is vertical direction, fast rotation at the same time to achieve high-precision grinding of the inner hole of the workpiece, suitable for processing longer or heavier products. It is equipped with automation features to ensure processing quality, improve productivity and reduce labour cost.

The vertical internal grinding machine's grinding wheel's axis is vertical, the machine's rotation is fast at the same time to achieve a high degree of internal precision, this is ideal for processing products that are longer or heavier than usual. It's equipped with automation features that promote quality processing, increase productivity, and reduce costs. The overview is beneficial for the customer because it can meet the demands of different scenarios. The product description is beneficial for the customer because it can accommodate different situations.

Product Description

From the picture, it can be seen that this machine has two axes: the X-axis is for movement on the left side, and the Z-axis is for movement on the upside. Customers can choose to have their workpiece fixated with a magnetic cup or chuck, based on their preference. All-inclusive closed security to enhance the safety of workers while operating; automatic measurement and compensation to enhance production.

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Max. Grinding internal diameter: 300mm

Max. Grinding depth: 300mm

Max weight of work piece: 300kg

Surface roughness: Ra0.3μm
Our Services

1. Customized the machine based on the customer's specifications or request;

2. A machine tool with a 2 year warranty is available;

3. Help with the after-sales service or video guidance on the internet;

4. Technical experts with 20+ years of experience are capable of meeting customers' extra requirements regarding machine capabilities.

Product details
internal grinder

internal grinding

inner hole

deep hole grinding

inner grinding machine

internal and endface grinding

inner bore grinding machine

X axis and Z axis



Wooden crate packaging with rainproof cloth. 

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