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5 Ton Upward-Pulling Vertical Hydraulic Pressure Internal Broaching Machine for Spline Gear

L57 Fully escorted vertical internal broaching machine for the machining of internal gears, internal splines and internal bore parts; high productivity, suitable for batch and mass production.

This machine tool employs a hydraulic system, which is smooth and allows for adjustment in speed. The table and the main slide plate of the machine tool are integral, and are driven by the main cylinder to move up and down in order to complete the broaching process, the machine tool has the entire procedure of escorting the knife device; there are automatic, semi-automatic, and custom modes of operation, which can be altered to fit different forms of broaching needs.

When broaching the object, the lower collet is clamped in place by the broach before the shank is released, the upper collet is set in place after the shank of the outer circle, until the object is almost complete, the upper collet will exit the rear shank.

Product Description

1. Column (bed), base: Q235 steel plate that is structural in nature, it's also designed to be rough-machined before and after each stewing process in order to ensure the stability of the machine.

2. The primary slide plate is composed of HT300 material, the guide rail is dovetail-shaped guide rail, which possesses the benefits of having a strong grasp and a small amount of overturning.

3. Automatic tool placement device: different lengths of broaches can be placed in this device by simply touching the keys on the screen.

4. Main and Auxiliary Cutter Body: Alloy steel is employed, and the jaws are all composed of high-quenching steel with a center that can be set at any location.

cnc broaching machine

Rated tension:50-200KN
Rated stroke:800-1600mm
Broaching speed:1-10m/min
Max workpiece outside diameter*thickness:Φ190×80mm, Φ200×90mm,Φ280×90mm


Column and column guide rail;


Main slide plate;

Main cylinder;

Tool clamping cylinder;

Pushing device;

Knife feeder;

Knife adjusting device;

Small disk;

Main knife clamp;

Auxiliary Knife Clamp;

Main hydraulic system;

Axial piston pump for main drive;

Auxiliary drive oil pumps, solenoid valves, stack valves;

Hydraulic station (tank assembly);

Oil cooler;

Optional :

Cooling (double pump);

Chip removal (scraper type chip conveyor);

Protection (automatic door);



Product Details
broaching machine

5 ton Single-column broaching machine


Long and short broaches

internal gear

Internal Bore broaching

internal hole broaching

Small internal bore broaching

Technical Training

1. The technical training includes the operation and adjustment of the machine tool, and the maintenance and repair of the mechanical, hydraulic and electrical parts of the machine tool.

2. On-site training will be conducted during the final acceptance of the machine in the production workshop.


Automotive industry: for machining water jacket holes and oil passage holes in engine blocks, gear and spline holes inside transmissions, etc., as well as precision bores in brake and steering system components.

Aerospace: for machining aircraft engines, cooling channels inside turbine blades, special internal cavities in spacecraft structural components, etc. to meet strict performance standards.

Precision Instrument Manufacturing: Used to process the inner bore of small precision parts, such as sensor housings, valve assemblies, and joints in precision piping systems.

General machinery manufacturing: including pumps, valves, compressors and other industries, such as the valve block of the hydraulic system, the flow path in the pump casing.

Energy equipment: Processing of rotor slots for generators, internal structures of oil well drilling bits, bearing housings for wind turbines, etc., to improve the overall performance and operational efficiency of the equipment.

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