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Application Areas for Gear Chamfering Machines

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The gear chamfering machine is a small, specialized machine tool that specializes in the manufacturing of molds, hardware, machine tools, hydraulic components, and other mechanical components. It is also used to chamfer and mill products that have a deburring effect. The utilization of gear cutting machines is the common feature of mechanical industry evolution. It overcomes the inefficiencies of the existing machinery and power tools, possessing practical, efficient, and accurate attributes. The geared chamfering machine addresses the inefficiencies of flame cutting, grinding, and other methods with random angles, large slopes, and audible work. It's beneficial for its simple operation, standard angles and flat surfaces. It's beneficial for its lightweight and high beveling rate, as well as its durability. It's very appropriate for: steel structures, heaters, pressure vessels, equipment, shipbuilding, electric power, molds, chemical compounds, petroleum and other manufacturing fields related to welding. Workpieces follow a kinematic path to produce motion. The motion and rotation must be maintained in a specific proportional relationship, and the length of the motion should be equal to the length of the grinding circle's unfolded pitch. This facilitates the desired shape of the involute tooth.


Workpieces move in a kinematic chain to create motion. The motion and rotation must be kept in a certain relative relationship and the length of the motion should be equal to the unfolded length of the grinding pitch circle. In this way, the desired involute tooth shape can be ground. The chamfering of the grinding wheel fixes the workpiece (gear) to the rotary axis and rotates with it, and the grinding wheel is rotated by the motor drive. The grinding wheel acts on the gear due to gravity, and the grinding wheel performs a cutting motion along the edge of the gear to move the edge of the gear edge at a beveled angle. As the workpiece is rotated by the gear chamfering machine motor drive, after grinding one tooth, it will automatically grind the next tooth. In this way, machining can be completed in just one revolution of the workpiece.

While working, we often check the tightness of the cutter head. In the manufacturing process of tooling products, certain process requirements for chamfering gear chamfering machine are put forward in order to improve the performance and appearance quality of the products. There are many processing methods to realize chamfering round, the specific method should be determined according to the production conditions and quality requirements, and comprehensively consider the production efficiency, production costs, equipment feasibility and other factors.

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