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CCMT2024 China CNC Machine Tool Show Ended Successfully

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With the spring breeze and the recovery of everything, the 13th China CNC Machine Tool Show (CCMT2024), which has attracted the attention of the global manufacturing industry, has been in full swing at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre and is about to come to a successful end amidst a wave of praise and achievements. This is the largest and most influential professional machine tool event in Asia and even in the world, which attracted many exhibitors and professional visitors from 28 countries and regions around the world during the five-day period from 8 to 12 April.

CCMT2024, gear hobber,gear hobbing machine

Gear Hobbing Machine

On the first day of the exhibition, CCMT2024 made a stunning debut with a magnificent opening ceremony, in which all the major exhibitors showed their own strength products, among which there are many advanced machine tools integrating the latest CNC technology, intelligent manufacturing concepts as well as precision mechanical technology. On the exhibition site, a hobbing machine became one of the focuses, and its working principle was vividly shown through dynamic simulation demonstration. As a key equipment for gear processing, the hobbing machine precisely cuts various internal and external gears through the relative rolling motion between the tool and the workpiece, demonstrating the efficient and accurate processing capability for various metal material workpieces, which won the unanimous appreciation of the visitors.

cnc gear machine, gear solutions, gear hob

Automatic loading and unloading solution

It is worth mentioning that many exhibitors built complete automated production lines in their booths, visually presenting the whole chain of intelligent manufacturing processes from raw material input to finished product output. They carefully designed and tailored a series of automation solutions to meet the needs of customers in different industries, fully reflecting the trend of modern machine tool industry to digital, networked, intelligent transformation.

automatic loading

Establishment of co-operation basis

The exhibition not only provided a stage for exhibitors to display advanced technology and products, but also constructed a valuable communication platform for domestic and foreign industry colleagues. Many foreign visitors were in constant flow, stopping in front of each booth to admire and consult, sharing this international technology feast. For first-time exhibitors, CCMT2024 is undoubtedly a valuable experience, which not only collects a large number of business cards of potential customers, but also establishes cross-region and cross-culture business friendships during in-depth interactions, laying a solid foundation for future cooperation.

Looking back on the wonderful journey of these five days, CCMT2024 not only witnessed the strong development momentum of China's CNC machine tool industry, but also signalled that the global manufacturing industry is steadily advancing towards a higher level, higher quality and smarter direction. With a full harvest and unlimited expectations for the future, exhibitors left with confidence, looking forward to the next meeting, and continue to work together to draw a new chapter for the manufacturing industry on the ever-evolving stage of science and technology.

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