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CNC Deburring Chamfering Machine with brush and Automation Solutions

Chamfering machines with brushes realize the versatility of post-processing, including deburring, polishing, cleaning and auxiliary processing to improve the quality of the final product and processing efficiency.

Product Parameters

Machined Gear:20-350mm(Outer Circle)


Chamfer Angle: 45°±15°

gear chamfering machine

Our Advantage

1. The chamfering machine with brush that integrates chamfering and subsequent processing (e.g. deburring, preliminary polishing) in one machine is capable of completing multiple tasks in a single process, shortening the flow time of workpieces between different workstations, and together with the automatic loading and unloading system, it is possible to realize high-efficiency production around the clock.

2. The automated brush system reduces the need for manual intervention, especially in the deburring and surface cleaning section, eliminating the need for additional labor to manually grind or clean, thus saving labor costs.

3. The uniform action of the brushes ensures that the chamfering process of each workpiece achieves a consistent high quality standard. Especially for precision parts, the fine machining capability of the brushes helps to maintain tight tolerances and improve the overall quality of the product and its competitiveness in the marketplace.

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