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CNC Gear Hobbing Machine Plays An Important Role in The Gear Machining Process

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CNC gear hobbing machine is an important tool in the modern gear machining process, which utilises computer numerical control (CNC) technology for precise control of the hob to achieve high efficiency and precision machining of a wide range of tooth shaped parts, such as cylindrical gears, helical gears, worm gears and so on. The machine adopts the principle of spreading method, i.e., the hob's tooth shape is replicated to the surface of the workpiece by the strict relative motion trajectory between the hob and the workpiece.

The CNC gear hobbing machine is characterised by significant automation and intelligence.

Firstly, its high precision positioning system enables machining accuracy to the micron level, improving the quality and consistency of gear products.

Secondly, the flexibility of programming allows rapid switching between different workpiece sizes and tooth designs, making it particularly suitable for small to medium volume production and single piece customisation.

In addition, the cooling and lubrication system, transmission mechanism and human-machine interface enhance the machine's ease of operation and productivity.

In terms of applications, CNC gear hobbing machines are widely used in automotive manufacturing, aerospace, heavy machinery, precision instruments, the marine industry, and other industries that require high-quality gear components. Whether it is a large modulus gear in a large industrial transmission system or a micro gear in a small precision instrument, all of them can be ideally processed by CNC gear hobbing machines.

At the same time, some high-end models also support the processing of drum gears, spline shafts and sprockets and other complex tooth parts, further broadening its scope of application. Overall, CNC gear hobbing machine with its excellent performance and wide applicability, in the modern manufacturing industry occupies an important position.

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