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CNC Horizontal Internal Grinder with Siemens System for Inner Hole Grinding

The CNC spiral vertical internal broaching machine is a specialized machine that is high-precision and efficient, primarily used for the cutting of metal objects with complex internal configurations and other precision internal attributes.

Product Parameters

Maximum grinding depth: 150mm

Surface roughness of internal hole: Ra0.4μm

Weight of machine tools: 2500kg

Grinding aperture: Φ5-100mm

The bed is integral to the machine's design to ensure its stability and consistency, the spindle system is supported by precision bearings to ensure the tool's rotary accuracy, the broaching tool is hydraulically driven to achieve accurate placement and fast return, the system for feeding is also CNC Vertical, and the system for returning is also CNC. The hydraulic system offers a consistent, powerful broaching force; the cooling system reduces the temperature of the cut material and increases the life of the tool and the quality of the work.

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1.High machining accuracy, as a result of the broaching method, the cutting process is consistent and smooth;

2.The efficiency of the machine, a broach tool can finish the processing of the entire bore features without the need to repeat the clamping or tool change, this greatly reduces the machining cycle;

3.Broad range of use, capable of processing a variety of carbide, hardened steel, stainless steel and other materials that are difficult to machine;

4.Has a flexible process, via the programming, a variety of bore shapes and sizes can be achieved, which will meet the diverse production needs.


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