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CNC Profile Grinding Machine And Worm Wheel Grinding Machine, What Are The Differences?

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CNC profile grinding machine and worm gear grinding machine, although the same precision gear processing equipment, but each in the definition, principle of operation and applicable workpiece type there are significant differences:

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1. CNC Profile Gear Grinding Machine: Adopting the method of profile grinding, i.e., by dressing the grinding wheel in advance into a profile that corresponds exactly to the shape of the gear flutes to be processed, and then completing the entire processing of a single tooth at one time.

2. Worm wheel grinding machine: a machine tool for gear grinding using the principle of spreading method. Its working principle is similar to that of a hobbing machine, except that the traditional hob is replaced by a grinding wheel in the shape of a worm. For each revolution of the grinding wheel, the workpiece is rotated by one tooth pitch, so that involute or other types of gear tooth profiles can be precisely "unfolded" through continuous relative motion.

Working Principle

1.CNC Profile Grinding Machine: In each processing cycle, one contact between the grinding wheel and the workpiece can complete the complete grinding of a tooth surface, and the grinding wheel needs to be re-trimmed after loss to restore its original tooth profile.

2. Worm wheel grinding machine: relying on the worm wheel and the workpiece gear meshing relationship, through the precise control of the CNC system, according to a certain ratio of continuous rolling, and gradually complete the grinding of all teeth. The grinding wheel also needs to be trimmed at the right time during the grinding process to maintain a good cutting condition.

Type of work and applicable workpieces

1. CNC Profile Grinding Machine: Due to the fixed shape of the grinding wheel, the Profile Grinding Machine is especially suitable for the processing of large diameter gears with large modulus, small number of teeth, and the need for special gear shape dressing.

2. Worm wheel grinding machine: more suitable for mass production of small and medium modulus, high precision gears. Widely used in the mass production of large-scale standardised gears, especially suitable for processing automotive, aviation, precision instruments and other fields required for small and medium-sized, high-precision gears.

To sum up, CNC forming gear grinding machine and worm wheel gear grinding machine respectively represent two typical processing methods in the field of gear grinding, the former emphasises the flexibility of single-tooth one-time forming processing and the adaptability of special tooth shapes, and the latter focuses on the principle of spreading through the realisation of high-efficiency, high-precision mass production. Both of them have their unique status and application scenarios in modern gear manufacturing industry.

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