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Direct Drive High Speed YK3120 Vertical CNC Vertical 6 Axis Worm Wheel Gear Hobbing Machine for 4-6 Module

The 4-module, 200-mm cutting diameter hobbing machine is a high-performance processing equipment designed for the efficient, high-precision mass production of large-size gears, which shows a large competitive advantage in the field of heavy machinery, automotive, wind power and so on.

Product parameters:

The largest processing module: 4/6mm

The largest machining diameter: 200mm

Max speed of workpiece shaft: 200rpm

Max hob diameter∗length: 120*180mm

Distance from hob center to workbench center: 20-170mm

gear hobbing machine

Our Advantages

1. With vertical design, the worktable can take part in a circular motion that is similar to the movement of a radial stick. The table's work surface is equipped with a pair of starting worms as its primary gearing. It's appropriate for slicing the task into smaller pieces.

2. Advantages include its capacity to cut this type of work, along with a variety of continuous tooth methods, including cylindrical straight blades, helical blades, worm blades and sprocket wheels, these are commonly used in the mining, steel, wind power, ships and other fields.

3. The electrical system with a fail-safe controller and a low failure rate is controlled by aPLC built by OMRON. The modular valves, which are available from Northman, have a high degree of reliability and a low failure rate in order to be easy to diagnose problems and maintain the hydraulic system.

gear hobbing machine

gear hobber workpiece

Our Advantages
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