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G150 High Speed 6 Axis Vertical CNC Gear Hobbing Machine for Gear Processing Dia160mm of 3 Modules

G150 is a small machine in the range of Vertical Gear Hobbing Machine, suitable for making miniature and small batch production of gears. with a high degree of automation, 6-axis CNC hobbing machines demonstrate competitiveness and flexibility in the field of precision engineering and high-end manufacturing.

Product parameters

Max  machining diameter:160mm

Max processing module:3/4 Mn

Max Axial slide travel:300/400mm

6-axis CNC gear hobbing machine is able to achieve relatively high positioning accuracy and repeatability in gear machining of complex contours through multi-axis linkage control, which is suitable for manufacturing high-precision gears, such as grade 7 in ISO standard, to meet the stringent requirements in the fields of precision machinery, aerospace and so on.

gear hobbing machine

Our Advantages

1. Equipped with advanced CNC system, it can monitor the machining process in real time and make dynamic adjustments, such as tool wear compensation, etc., to ensure that a stable level of accuracy is maintained throughout the machining process.

2. 6-axis design is not only limited to traditional straight and helical gears, but can also efficiently process non-standard and shaped gears, such as double helical face gears, bevel gears, etc., which expands the scope of machining and application areas.

3. Highly automated operation reduces manual intervention and improves production efficiency, while supporting batch processing and single-piece customization to adapt to diversified production needs.

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