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G400 Vertical CNC High Precision Hobber Machine for Cutting Gear Modules 1-8 Diameter 420 mm

With its cutting-edge technology and precise engineering, this state-of-the-art machine has unparalleled performance and efficiency. The CNC Gear Hobbling Machine is intended to fulfill the specific requirements of gear creation, making it an essential device for any industry.

Product Parameters:

Max  machining diameter:420mm

Max  processing module:8-10Mn

Max  Axial slide travel:300mm

Max speed of work piece shaft:90rpm

Max speed of work piece shaft: 150-200mm

gear hobbing machine

Our Advantages

1. With a 6-axis vertical automation-loader, this machine guarantees a smooth transition from loading to unloading and from one piece of work to the next, maximizing productivity and minimizing downtime. The automation function eliminates the need for human intervention, this function allows for uninterrupted operation and increased production.

2. This series is capable of manufacturing 0.3-6 different models of cylindrical spur, helical gear, drum gear and small taper gear. Additionally, can be used to machine splines, synchronous pulleys, sprockets, worms, and various other non-conventional gearings.

3. The spindle's function is to automatically tension and release the tool's rod, this facilitates the operation. Its CNC abilities provide exceptional accuracy and consistency, which ensures that every operation produces the same exact results.

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