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High Accuracy Easy Operation Surface Grinding Machine with PLC System

High rigidity, wide width and stable casting structure;Stable and long-lasting machining accuracy of machine tools.

Product Parameters

Min. vertical feed: 5 μm

Equal thickness of the workpiece: 0.008/300mm

Surface roughness of the workpiece: Ra0.63

A high-end machining machine that combines precision mechanics, modern control technology and efficient automation, designed to meet the grinding needs of high-precision flat workpieces. The grinder employs an advanced Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) system, which provides precise control of wheel feed, speed and table movement through preset programmes to ensure stable machining of complex shapes and high-precision parts. With its intelligent, high-precision and high-efficiency production characteristics, it plays a vital role in modern industrial manufacturing, especially for those industries that require stringent surface quality and precision, such as automotive manufacturing, aviation, electronics, precision instruments and other fields, providing a powerful and reliable process guarantee.


  • Highly Intelligent Control: The PLC system endows the grinder with powerful intelligent control capability, which can automatically complete complex grinding cycles and has self-diagnostic and fault alarm functions, which significantly improves the reliability of the equipment's work and the convenience of maintenance. It is suitable for grinding operations on flat surfaces and complex profiles of various metallic and non-metallic materials, such as precision mould parts, machine tool guide rails, precision bearing rings, engine cylinder head planes, hydraulic component bases and precision structural parts in the aerospace field.

  • High precision guarantee: The machine tool adopts high-precision ball screws, linear guideways and precision spindle components, which, together with the closed-loop or semi-closed-loop servo control system, ensures that it achieves extremely high positioning and repetitive positioning accuracy in the X, Y and Z axes directions. In addition, it is equipped with a highly rigid cast iron bed and stable structural design, which effectively reduces the effects of thermal deformation and vibration on grinding accuracy.

  • Efficient and flexible production: Supporting multi-task sequential machining, it is capable of handling workpieces of different specifications in mass production and realising rapid production changeover; it is also suitable for the flexible production mode of small batch and multi-species. Some models are also equipped with automatic loading and unloading devices and online measurement systems, further enhancing work efficiency and product quality.

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