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High Efficiency Automatic CNC Gear Chamfering / Deburring Machine for Shaft Parts

Gear Chamfering machine delivering exceptional flexibility for small lot jobber applications; including disks and shafts; multiple chamfering processes, one machine for multiple applications.
Our Advantages

Product Parameters

Machined Gear Diameter:30-320mm

Maximum Modulus:4-6mm

Number Of Teeth To Be Machined:>5Gear

The main functions of CNC gear chamfering machine are as follows:

1. Automatic chamfering processing: the core function of CNC gear chamfering machine is to precisely chamfer the root part of gears to eliminate burrs, reduce stress concentration and improve the fatigue strength and service life of gears.

2. High-precision control: Adopting advanced CNC control system, the angle, depth and width of chamfering can be accurately controlled to achieve fine adjustment of chamfering parameters and meet the needs of chamfering gears of different specifications and precision levels.

3. Diversified processing: It is suitable for different types and specifications of gears, including but not limited to straight teeth, helical teeth, curved teeth, bevel teeth, etc., and it is also capable of chamfering gears made of different materials (e.g. cast iron, steel, aluminium, etc.).

4. Automatic operation: Equipped with automatic loading and unloading system, it can realize automatic loading, positioning, processing and unloading of workpieces, which greatly improves the production efficiency and consistency, and reduces the manual labour intensity.

5. Online detection and feedback: some high-grade CNC gear chamfering machines are also equipped with online detection function, which can monitor the chamfering quality in real time during the machining process, and correct the machining parameters in a timely manner according to the detection results, so as to ensure the quality of the products.

6. Flexible programming: Users can write or call the existing processing procedures according to the gear drawings and technical requirements to achieve one-key start, simplify the process and improve production flexibility.

CNC gear chamfering machine plays a vital role in the gear manufacturing industry by virtue of its automation, precision and efficient processing capability.

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