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High Precision 6 Modules CNC Gear Shaping Machine For Internal And External Gears

CNC Gear Shaping Machine uses the up and down reciprocating cutting motion of the gear shaper and the relative rolling with the workpiece to accomplish, for example, cylindrical straight-toothed disk gears, multiple gears, internal and external gears and sector gears, etc. The maximum diameter of the processed gears is 320mm, and the maximum module is 6mm.

A vertical layout is adopted, with the key moving parts of the machine arranged in a certain axial direction. There are four axes and three linkages, three of which can coordinate their movements simultaneously for complex machining. This layout includes tool holder oscillation, radial feed of the column, and rotary motion of the workpiece, realizing efficient and high-precision gear machining.

The running cycle is controlled by SIEMENS-828D CNC.

Accessories are configured according to customer-specific requirements for machining connecting gears, helical gears, and small taper gears;

Product Description

gear shaping machine

Tool movement:

Tool holder swing: realizes the letting tool movement, i.e., it does not cut the workpiece material when the tool returns, and avoids the machined surface by swinging slightly to prevent the friction between the tool and the workpiece to ensure the machining quality and tool life.

Column movement: 

Responsible for the radial feed movement (X-axis), which controls the depth of feed of the tool along the radial direction of the workpiece, in order to gradually cut out the complete tooth shape.

Tool rotary motion (B-axis): the gear inserting tool rotates around its own axis, together with the rotation of the workpiece, to form a spreading motion, which is the key to the formation of the gear tooth profile.

Workpiece movement:

Table: The workpiece is mounted on the table and moves in a rotary motion (C-axis) to simulate the rotation of the gears during meshing and to ensure the accurate formation of the tooth profile.

Technical Parameters

Max workpiece diameter: 320mm

Internal gear (mounting diameter 400):220+d cutter mm

Max modules: 6mm

Max gear width: 70mm

Spindle stroke speed :160-800(hydrostatic 250-1250)str/min
Matching Machine

There are several types of machines that may be paired with CNC Gear Shaping Machines to form a complete and perfect solution:

CNC Gear Hobbing Machines

Gear hobbing machines are suitable for the mass production of external cylindrical gears, complementing the gear shaping machines to cover different types of gear processing needs.

CNC Gear Shaving Machine: 

Tooth shape correction and surface finishing after gear insertion or hobbing;

CNC Gear Grinding Machine: 

suitable for gears requiring extremely high precision and surface roughness, such as gears in automobile gearboxes and key components in precision machinery.

5-axis linkage machining center: 

very effective in machining complex structure of gear box body, gear shaft and other components, with professional gear machine tools, to achieve one-stop processing from blank to finished product.

Automatic loading and unloading system: 

Realize full automatic processing from raw materials to finished products, reduce manual intervention and improve production efficiency.

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