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Horizontal Grinding Equipment CNC Internal Grinding Machine

Mainly used for grinding cylindrical and conical holes, also can grind the outer circle and end face, operation is simple and easy to learn, to meet the user's processing needs for a variety of parts.

Product parameters

Workpiece Diameter Range: 100—500mm

Workpiece depth:500mm

Roughness: Ra0.63μm

Surface roughness: Ra0.8μm

Horizontal CNC Internal Grinding Machine is a kind of high-precision and high-efficiency automatic grinding equipment, which is mainly used for precision machining of the inner hole of all kinds of workpieces. The machine is controlled by an advanced CNC system, and the movement of the grinding wheel spindle as well as the table is driven by a servo motor to achieve precise control of the size, shape and positional tolerance of the inner diameter of the workpiece.


  • Wide range of applications: Advanced CNC control system can accurately control the feed, speed and position of the grinding wheel to achieve micron-level control of parameters such as work piece bore diameter, roundness, co-axiality, etc., to meet the manufacturing needs of high-precision parts. Applicable to all kinds of steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metal materials made of shafts, bushings, discs and other parts of the inner hole precision grinding, including but not limited to cylindrical holes, tapered holes, blind holes, step holes, etc., are widely used in automotive parts, bearing industry, hydraulic components, aerospace parts and other fields.

  • Automation and Intelligent Operation: Equipped with auto-programming and auto-compensation functions, the machine can flexibly adapt to the grinding tasks of various complex bore contours and automatically complete the grinding cycle according to the pre-set procedures, which significantly improves the production efficiency. Meanwhile, it is also equipped with an online inspection system to monitor the dimensional changes during the grinding process in real time to ensure the processing quality.

  • Stable and reliable operation: The design of the fully enclosed shield not only guarantees the safety and cleanliness of the working environment, but also effectively reduces the impact of vibration, dust and other factors on the grinding accuracy, enabling the machine tool to maintain long-term stable and reliable operation under the harsh working environment. Modular configuration and Customisation are carried out according to different process requirements of users, such as cooling system, automatic loading and unloading device, automatic measuring system, etc., to meet diversified production requirements.

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