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Horizontal Grinding Systems CNC Multi-function Compound Grinding Machine

3-axis CNC horizontal composite grinder, machining flexibility, high precision, high efficiency automation and other characteristics, in the field of precision parts processing to show more advantages, is to enhance the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry is an important equipment.

Product Parameters

ID grinding scope: 20-200mm

Max. Grinding depth: 200mm

Max. Grinding OD scope: 30-300mm

Max. Grinding length: 200mm

Product Description

The machine tool is comprised of a 3-axis (X feed axis, Z1 grinding wheel axis, Z2 grinding wheel axis) with a 2-linkage CNC compound grinding machine. Once Clamping, it can complete internal, external, end face, and rough grinding of the cycle.

grinding machine

The 3-axis CNC system supports programming automation and can preset complex machining paths and parameters, with optional automatic loading and unloading to realize unattended continuous machining, which improves productivity and consistency of batch processing.

Our advantage is that the grinding cycle is automated (with a automatic feed, withdrawal, and rough grinding components); the machine is also equipped with a high-precision grinding wheel and a high-precision ball, which ensures an excellent degree of accuracy and a smooth surface.

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