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How Does A CNC Surface Grinding Machine Work?

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The grinding methods are divided into external grinding, internal grinding, centreless grinding, surface grinding, profile grinding, gear grinding, thread grinding, tool grinding, and general lathe surface grinding.

Introducing CNC Surface Grinding Machine:

CNC Surface Grinding Machine is a kind of high-precision and high-efficiency automatic machine tool, which is mainly used for precision surface grinding processing of metal workpieces. Its working principle is mainly based on digital control technology, through the CNC system preprogrammed grinding path and parameters, control the grinding wheel in the X, Y, Z three axes of the precise movement, so as to achieve the precision grinding of the workpiece processing.

surface grinder, crankshaft grinder, bearing ring grinder

Working Principle:

Firstly, the workpiece to be processed is fixed on the worktable, then the CNC programme is set according to the requirements of the workpiece drawing, after starting the equipment, the servo motor drives the grinding wheel head to grind the surface of the workpiece according to the preset trajectory and speed. During this period, coolant is continuously sprayed to reduce the high temperature during the grinding process and take away chips to ensure the processing quality and grinding wheel life.


Firstly, make sure the workpiece is clamped firmly and positioned accurately; secondly, use grinding wheels of appropriate grit size and hardness and check their wear regularly; thirdly, set the grinding parameters reasonably to avoid burns on the workpiece or rupture of the grinding wheels due to too large or too fast feeds; fourthly, maintain good lubrication and cooling to reduce thermal deformation and tool wear.

Applicable workpiece types:

CNC Surface Grinding Machine is suitable for fine grinding operations of various types of flat, inclined and complex shaped parts, such as moulds, precision parts, bearing rings, guide plates, etc. It is especially suitable for the demand of high volume and high precision production.

guideway workpiece, Moulds workpiece, Table size

The reason for customers to choose CNC surface grinding machine is that it can achieve high precision, high efficiency, stability and consistency of grinding effect, greatly improve the production efficiency and product quality, while reducing the manual operation error and labour intensity, for the modern manufacturing industry to provide a powerful equipment support. 

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