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How To Better Understand CNC Spiral Internal Broaching Machine?

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CNC spiral vertical internal broaching machine is a high-precision, high-efficiency special metal cutting equipment, mainly used for all kinds of workpieces for internal threads, internal keyways, complex internal surfaces and other precision internal machining.

cnc broaching machine


The bed is an integral casting to ensure the rigidity and stability of the equipment; the spindle system is supported by precision bearings to ensure the rotary accuracy of the broaching tool; the broaching tool mechanism is hydraulically driven to achieve accurate feed and fast return; the servo feed system realizes X, Y, Z three-axis linkage to adapt to the complex bore contour machining needs; the hydraulic system provides a stable and adjustable broaching force; the cooling system effectively reduces the cutting temperature to improve the tool life and workpiece surface quality; the CNC spiral vertical broaching machine usually consists of the following parts. The hydraulic system provides stable and adjustable broaching force; the cooling system effectively reduces the cutting temperature and improves the tool life and surface quality of the workpiece; the CNC control system is responsible for command reception, programme analysis, motion control and other functions to achieve automated and intelligent machining.

straight gear


1. High machining precision, due to the broaching method, the cutting process is continuous and smooth, which can ensure the consistency of the feature size of internal threads, keyways, etc. and the surface finish;

2. high machining efficiency, a go tool can complete the processing of the entire bore features, without the need to repeat the clamping and tool change, greatly reducing the machining cycle;

3. Wide range of application, able to process a variety of carbide, hardened steel, stainless steel and other difficult-to-machine materials;

4. has good process flexibility, through the programming can achieve a variety of bore shape and size of the processing, to meet the diversified production needs.

Machined parts

The machine is capable of processing a variety of materials, including carbide, hardened steel, stainless steel, and other difficult-to-machine materials. It offers a variety of process options through programming, allowing for the production of various bore shapes and sizes. This makes it suitable for producing parts such as engine turbine discs, blade tenons, and bushings in the aerospace field; internal parts for precision machines like screws, worms, and precision gears; and internal profiles in the energy sector, such as oil drilling equipment.


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