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How To Keep Safe During Normal Operation

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1.It’s forbidden to use any working method which would endanger the security !

2.The user must take all kinds of measures to make the grinder keep in a safe & effective state. The measures include all protective devices & safety devices.

3.For every shift, the staff shall inspect at least once whether the grinder has visible damage or flaw. When the grinder and its operation characteristics change, the staff shall inform the change to his executive department and the responsible person immediately. When it occurs to any danger, the staff shall shut down the grinder, and take measures to prevent the machine from running & power-on again.

4.When it occurs to functional failure, the staff shall immediately shut down the grinder and take measure to prevent the grinder from running & power-on again. The staff shall immediately make trouble-shooting.

5.According to the rules of the manual, the staff can power on & power off the machine.

6.Before debugging & power-on of the grinder, the staff shall confirm that no one will be injured because of self-starting device of machine tool.

7.Except the operator, it’s forbidden that anyone stays in the processing workshop and the movement range of the axis.

8.Before closing the safety door of machine tool, the staff must inspect whether anyone stays in the processing workshop.

9.Owning to grinding oil covered on the surface of the platform, it’s very slippery. The safety door of machine tool owns guidance quality and there are different footsteps inside of the grinding workshop, which increase the risks of stumble & tumble. When entering the machine tool, the staff shall concentrate on work and be very cautious. Before stepping on it, the staff shall firstly get rid of the grinding oil on the surface of platform, if necessary, the staff can put an anti-skidding felt pan on the surface.

10.Because the cooling oil is adhered on the grinded workpiece, the feeding /discharging areas of machine tool tend to make people slip & fall. In order to minimize the slipping & injury risk and prevent dripped oil from contaminating the environment. The staff shall clean it up before all the workpieces & components are taken out of the grinding area.

11.Aiming at different parameters of workpieces, we only can match with the suitable fixtures of workpieces.

12.During grinding, the operator must always connect & operate oil mist collector.

13.When the staff clean all the machine tools, please don’t use solvent (industrial detergent) and other combustible detergent.

14.Please pay attention that the nozzle of cooling oil shall be always kept smooth. If the nozzle is blocked, the staff shall clean the nozzle immediately, so as to make sure that the oil could be fed unceasingly.

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