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In Stock! G200 6-axis 200mm Dia Gear Cutting/Hobber Machines for Worm Gearbox

High-speed CNC gear hobbing machine is considered a direct-drive machine, this model employs a German-made Siemens high-powered direct-drive motor to directly drive the spindle and worktable.

Product Parameters

The largest machining diameter:200mm

The largest processing module: 4mm

The largest diameter cutter: 120mm

The biggest tool length: 150mm

Highest hob shaft speed: 3000rpm

High-speed direct-drive CNC hobbing machine, processing the most common gears are straight-tooth cylindrical gears, used for transmission between parallel shafts; helical-tooth cylindrical gears, the tooth direction of the spiral, to provide a smoother transmission and load-bearing capacity;

gear making machine

Our Advantages

1. Although the machining diameter is 200 mm, the actual machining range is affected by the specific specifications of the machine, the configuration of the accessories and the process limitations, e.g. some machines may be limited by the choice of tools and the stability of the machining in the case of large diameters and small module sizes.

2. The CNC friendly interface facilitates the learning of the machine's operation, and it can also be operated via a short educational regimen.

3. 3-5 modulus, diameter 200 CNC gear hobbing machine, the need for customers to provide the modulus and the maximum diameter, you can carry out machine selection, and then through a series of conversions, to get the tooth depth, tooth width, number of teeth, and so on. In practice, it is also necessary to consider the hardness of the material, surface roughness requirements, heat treatment and other factors, as well as the precision level of the machine tool, tool configuration, etc., in order to ensure processing quality and efficiency.

gear hobbing machine

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