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Internal And External Cylindrical Gear Machining Services

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The company's main products are gear processing machine tools, is currently able to provide high-level, fully CNC cylindrical gear processing equipment manufacturers. Our products are exported to Russia, India, Iran, Brazil, Turkey, South Africa, Israel, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Uzbekistan and other countries.


Our gear grinding machine, hobbing machine, gear shaping machine, shaving machine, honing machine, turning machine and other products are used in the processing of all kinds of internal and external cylindrical gears, which are widely used in the automobile and motorcycle, construction machinery, reducer, wind power, tractor, agricultural machinery and other industries. The company puts "meeting customer needs is the starting point and foothold of all work" in the first place of enterprise development, responds to customer needs in a timely manner, and creates value for customers with high-quality products and efficient service.

We provide you with the following services:

1. Analysis of customer gear processing needs, to help customers for machine tool product selection and tool fixture design and manufacture.

2. Provide customers with gear processing product technology consulting and machine automation solutions.

3. Supply customers with high-quality product parts and replacement services.

4. Satisfy all the needs of users with high quality after-sales service under the high quality and complete after-sales service system.

5. Machine tool green remanufacturing program, provide customers with machine tool overhaul service.

6. Production and sales service of other machine tools (double-sided grinding machines).

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Wuxi Geepro Gear Technology Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2016, with the research and development, processing and sales of gears and gear machinery and equipment as the main business direction.

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