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Key Features of Internal Grinding Machines

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Internal cylindrical grinding machines are a common type of CNC grinding machine and one that cannot be ignored.

Internal grinding machine, it is generally used to carry out some large and medium-sized parts of the grinding, mainly for its internal threads and end face grinding, and the parts, it can be tooth parts, but also roller bearing parts such as bushings. Because it is a CNC machine, it can take into account the production and processing needs of a wide variety of parts.


The important features of the internal grinding machine are:

(1) It is capable of grinding internal threads, end faces, and multi-step holes in a single clamping.

(2) Its guide rail is precision machined and has very good vibration resistance.

(3) Commodity products workpiece transmission ratio can be communicated to exchange DC frequency conversion air conditioning, as well as stepless gearbox.

(4) Part of its lubrication is the use of automatic lubrication this way, so it can save a certain amount of lubrication workload.

(5) The machine and equipment to open the airtight cover, so it can have a very good maintenance role.


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