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METALLOOBRABOTKA 2024 Ended Successfully

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METALLOOBRABOTKA 2024 was successfully concluded, our booth became a bright scenery, the G150 Gear Hobbing Machine and Worm Wheel Gear Grinding Machine on the booth attracted the attention of many professional visitors.

gear hobbing machine, gear grinding machine

During the exhibition, the well-decorated booth was crowded with people, and the G150 Gear Hobbing Machine became the focus of attention of many manufacturing professionals for its ability to efficiently process all kinds of straight, helical and herringbone gears. The on-site gear machining demonstration showed the high level finishing capability of gear manufacturing.

In the process of communication with customers, we discussed the working principle of gear grinding machine, analysis of vertical and horizontal gear grinding machine; vertical gear grinding machine is suitable for processing small and high-precision gears; horizontal gear grinding machine is suitable for handling large-size workpieces. And the machine can be customized according to different workpiece drawings; during the exhibition, we received many professional customers who inquired about the gear grinding machines, including senior engineers and purchasing decision makers in the industry. Through direct dialog with them, we not only gained a lot of valuable market feedback, but also locked in a number of intentional orders.

METALLOOBRABOTKA 2024 is not only a product exhibition, but also a platform for knowledge and experience exchange. We not only displayed our professional CNC machinery and equipment here, but more importantly, spread our technical concepts through face-to-face communication. We look forward to working hand in hand with our global partners in the future cooperation.

Wuxi Geepro Gear Technology Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2016, with the research and development, processing and sales of gears and gear machinery and equipment as the main business direction.

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