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MK1432 Full Function Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machine for Large Size Workpiece

The machine tool is a three-axis (x-axis is grinding wheel frame cross feeding, The CNC system adopts international or domestic well-known brands.

Product Parameters

Max.Grinding length: 500-1500mm

Grinding OD scope: 8-320mm

Grinding ID scope: 20-150mm

Max.Grinding depth: 180mm

Surface roughness: Ra0.32μm

Product Description

MK1432 is a full function 3-axis machine tool that is designed to accommodate large sized workpieces.

X-axis: This axis is usually the lateral feed axis of the grinding wheel holder. By adjusting the movement of the X-axis, different diameters of the outer circle can be ground or contours such as steps and grooves can be machined.

Z-axis: This axis represents the longitudinal movement of the table and is suitable for grinding parts of different heights or lengths of longer workpieces.

B-axis: This axis is the indexing rotary axis of the grinding wheel holder base. By rotating the B-axis, the machine is able to achieve precise machining of complex angles, increasing machining flexibility and adaptability.

Our AdvantageCNC universal cylindrical grinder is built for grinding both internal and external. It can also grind shaft-like parts, as well as ring and plug gauges, etc.

grinding machine

The numerical control system adopts Siemens numerical control, and the after-sales guarantee period is 2 years.

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