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NEW ! China 6 Axis Vertical Spur Worm/Helical /Bevel Gear Hobber Machine for Cutting 12 Modules

Based on the involute principle, the use of large diameter hob precision molding, specifically for the heavy industry processing oversized gears, widely used in wind power, ships, mining machinery and other large equipment manufacturing industry.

Product parameters:

The largest processing module: 12mm

The largest machining diameter: 800mm

Axial stroke: 30mm

Max hob diameter∗length: 180*260mm

Maximum speed of hob shaft: 600rpm

gear hobs

Our Advantages

1. The indexing device for a single tooth is built into this machine and is intended to achieve multiple types of gearing, including circular and automatic motion, using either disc-based or finger-based milling cutters.

2. Regardless assuming you work in the car, aviation, or whatever other area that relies upon precise stuff cutting, this stuff hobbing machine is the best decision.

3. Solutions to every problem: wind turbine gearboxes and actuators, industrial gear, mining equipment, marine drives, etc. Its professional-grade capabilities and precision make it an ideal choice for manufacturers and industries that require high quality gear.

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