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Overview of Internal Grinding Machines

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1. Ordinary Internal Grinding Machine: The chuck mounted on the spindle of the headstock holds the workpiece for circumferential feeding motion, the worktable drives the grinding wheel frame to make longitudinal reciprocating motion along the bed guideway (see machine guideway), and the headstock makes transverse feeding motion along the sliding saddle (see machine tool); the headstock can also be rotated to a certain point of view around the vertical axis to grind tapered holes.

2. Planetary Internal Grinding Machine: the workpiece is fixed during operation, and the grinding wheel rotates around its own axis at high speed, but also rotates around the axis of the hole to be processed, in order to complete the circumferential feed, which is suitable for grinding large workpieces or workpieces that should not be rotated, such as the cylinder block of the internal combustion engine.

3. Centerless Internal Grinding Machine: The workpiece outer circle is supported on the roller or support block during operation, and the end face of the workpiece is sucked and driven to rotate by the magnetic chuck, but it can be slightly floating to ensure the concentricity of the inner and outer circles. The grinding wheel speed of the small-size internal grinding machine can reach more than 100,000 rpm. Internal grinding machine used in mass production, the degree of automation requirements are higher, in the grinding process, available plug gauge or micrometer automatically control the scale.

Processing workpiece cylindrical, conical or other shapes of plain line spread into the surface of the bore and its end face of the grinder. Internal grinding machines are divided into ordinary internal grinding machines, planetary internal grinding machines, centerless internal grinding machines, coordinate grinding machines and special-purpose internal grinding machines. According to the way of grinding wheel axis equipment, internal grinding machine has horizontal and vertical type.

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