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Small 4 Module 200mm Dia Vertical CNC Gear Milling Machine for Hobbing Straight Gear

Six-axis CNC, four-axis linkage CNC high-speed hobbing machine, each CNC movement axis is driven by a separate AC servo motor, the "Electronic Gear Box (EGB)" is used to accomplish the indexing motion, differential compensation is employed to process multiple tooth components with the spreading method.

Product Parameters:

Max  machining diameter:200mm

Max  processing module:4mm

Max  Axial slide travel:300mm

Gear Cutting Tools: Customized

Gear deburring device: adapted to the host

CNC system: Siemens 828D

gear hobbing machine

Our Advantages

1. The spherical spur and helical gear, the gear, which is synchronous with a belt wheel, is produced and processed by means of worm gear, drum parts, and processing.

2. Vertical Gear Hobber Machines With Optional Automation Loader; Large output power, special software for communication with humans, and ease of operation make this machine more user-friendly.

3. The best performance in dry or wet conditions with or without water, respectively; a hydraulic system that is energy efficient and has a temperature control of hydraulic oil. Rigid and solid structure, high-fidelity bearings, guideways, and ball screws that ensure precision.

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