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The Main Role of Deep Hole Internal Grinding Machines And Their Advantageous Characteristics

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Deep hole drilling multi-purpose tool grinder, in terms of its divisibility, has to be within the scope of deep hole grinding machine. The key application is in deep hole cutting. The advantages are simple structure, effective and convenient clamping, and time-saving in processing.

Deep hole grinding machines are mainly used for grinding the lining and end faces of cylindrical, conical or other molded devices. The workpiece is mounted on the spindle of the carriage head in a circular motion according to the clamping jaws, the operating table drive carries out vertical movement and reverse movement along the bed slide, and the main frame is a transverse feed movement along the rotating saddle.


The main structure of the deep hole grinder can also rotate the vertical axis to a certain perspective to grind tapered holes, the workpiece is fixed to the planet, the grinding wheel in addition to rotating around the axis, but also around the axis of the hole processing to achieve the round on the feed, suitable for grinding large workpieces or not rotating workpieces for the body of the internal-combustion engine engine.

The frame head of the deep hole grinding machine is mainly used to mount and clamp the workpiece and drive the workpiece to rotate, and the frame head rotates in a horizontal 90° reversible clock. The grinding wheel spindle is used to support the grinding of the internal bore. The internal grinding wheel spindle is driven by a separate motor, which is used by the deep hole grinder to support the spindle that operates the high-speed running wheel.


The grinding wheel holder is mounted on a sliding saddle, which can be adjusted to a certain angle, ±30°, in the horizontal plane during short taper surface grinding, and the tailstock supports the workpiece together with the tip. The swivel saddle and the cross-feed organization turn the side handwheels. The cross-feed organization is suitable for driving the rotating saddle and sharpening the wheel carrier in a cross-feed movement.

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