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Vertical CNC Cylindrical Grinder for Grinding Gear Outer Hole Max Dia 300mm

Specialised in the machining of rotary work pieces such as shafts, sleeves and stepped shafts, with external cylindrical surfaces achieved by grinding technology. For complex contours, machining is achieved by tilting of the grinding wheel and precise CNC control; suitable for parts manufacturing in a wide range of fields such as automotive, aviation and precision instruments.


Vertical cylindrical grinding machine adopts vertical arrangement of grinding wheel holder, forming a right angle relationship with horizontal bed. The spindle axis is oriented vertically, and the grinding wheel is mounted and driven to rotate at high speed, which facilitates centre-symmetric grinding of the work piece. A work piece rotation motion, a longitudinal (axial) feed motion of the grinding wheel and a possible transverse or vertical feed motion are used, which are driven by servomotors.

Product Description

The bed of the vertical cylindrical grinding machine is high-quality cast iron with internal reinforcing structure, which does not deform in long-term use. Hydrostatic guideways are used, and the table equipped with products achieves wear-free, highly rigid movements under the action of an oil film. The mobile operation box is located at the right front of the machine.

vertical grinding machine
Technical Parameters

Max. Grinding external diameter: 300mm

Max. Grinding depth: 400mm
Max.rotation diameter of work piece: 500mm
Surface roughness: Ra0.3μm
Weight of machine tool: 8500kg
Control System

The machine is equipped with Siemens  control system, there are 2 axes controlled by the numerical control system;

X-axis: left-right movement of the grinding wheel along the axial direction of the workpiece;

Z-axis: up and down movement of the grinding wheel in the direction perpendicular to the axis of the workpiece;

siemens system

Product Details & Workpiece
cylindrical grinding machine

Shaft parts grinding

cylindrical grinding machine

Gear shafts, motor shafts


Internal structure of the machine


Bearing bush, guide bush grinding

1. Shaft parts: motor shafts, lathe spindles, gear shafts, etc., which are usually long and straight rotating bodies that require high-precision cylindrical surfaces;

2. Bushings: bearing bushings, guide bushings, etc. Vertical cylindrical grinding machines can handle their cylindrical surfaces;

3. End faces and flat surfaces: In addition to cylindrical surfaces, vertical cylindrical grinding machines can also be used to grind the end faces of shafts or simple flat surfaces;

4. Conical workpieces: capable of processing parts with a conical shape, certain tool shanks, taper fit parts of transmission shafts;

It is suitable for the manufacture of parts in many fields such as automobile, aviation and precision instruments.


Q: What is the main difference between vertical and horizontal?

A:The main feature of vertical cylindrical grinding machine is that the grinding wheel spindle is arranged vertically, which is suitable for processing longer or heavier workpieces;

The horizontal grinding wheel spindle is arranged horizontally, which is more suitable for processing short and complex workpieces.

Q:How does the vertical cylindrical grinder ensure machining accuracy?

A:High-precision spindle systems, precision guideways and bearing assemblies, and advanced CNC systems are used to ensure machining accuracy.

Q:How to avoid scratches or burns on the surface of the workpiece?

A:Firstly, you should ensure that the grinding wheel is correctly selected and kept sharp; Secondly, set the grinding parameters reasonably. It is also necessary to ensure adequate coolant supply;

finally, check and maintain the machine tool.

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