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What Is Induction Hardening Process? What Are The Advantages?

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Induction hardening process is an advanced heat treatment technology that uses high or medium frequency induction current to rapidly heat the surface of a metal workpiece, followed by rapid cooling to achieve hardening. In the gears, shafts and other key components processing, induction hardening process plays a vital role.

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For gears

after induction hardening treatment, the surface hardness of its teeth increased significantly, wear resistance increased, while maintaining a good core toughness, effectively preventing the work process due to wear or fatigue cracks caused by early failure, significantly extending the working life of the gear. Shaft parts treated by this process, contact fatigue and bending fatigue resistance performance can be greatly improved to ensure the stability and reliability in high load, high speed operating conditions.

The benefits of using induction hardening process are mainly reflected in the following aspects

First, precise control of the depth of the hardened layer and hardness distribution, to meet the different mechanical properties of various types of workpiece needs; Second, fast processing speed, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, is conducive to reducing production costs; Third, only the surface layer of the workpiece hardened to reduce the overall deformation, improve the dimensional accuracy and stability of the workpiece.

Through the application of induction hardening process, our customers can not only greatly improve the service life and operational performance of the workpiece, but also use it to optimise the production process, reduce the subsequent maintenance and replacement costs, thus ensuring product quality at the same time, effectively achieving the goal of cost reduction and efficiency.

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