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What Is The Relationship between Worm Gears And Hobbing Machines?

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There is a close technological link between worm gears and gear hobbing machines, with the former being a special type of gear that is often manufactured with the help of the latter for efficient and precise batch manufacturing. Gear hobbing machines, which are significant equipment in the processing of gearing machines, are commonly utilized in the manufacturing process of various types of cylindrical gears, including worm gears, which are based on the concept of a spreading method of processing.

Worm gear, also known as worm gear, is a gear transmission device that is composed of a worm and a matching worm gear. Its unique attribute is the worm's gear, which is comprised of a series of spiral tooth surfaces, the first of which is the arc surface that accommodates the second, it has a large speed ratio between the two shafts, high torque transmission, and a function that locks in place.

Industrial automation

in various lifts, conveyors, packaging machines, material handling systems, worm gears are widely used as key components for power transmission and position control due to their large reduction ratio and self-locking characteristics.

Automotive industry

In steering system, automatic transmission and some special function parts (such as seat adjustment mechanism), worm gears provide precise transmission control and overload protection.

Precision Instruments

In the fields of measuring equipment, medical equipment, optical instruments, etc., worm gears are used to realise precision fine-tuning and positioning operations to ensure high-precision operation of the equipment.


Worm gears are the transmission element of choice in aircraft landing gear retraction systems, flight control systems and other applications requiring high reliability and precision transmission.


Worm gears are used to provide transmission solutions with high load capacity and low backlash in joint drives, end-effectors and other parts.

The role of the hobbing machine in worm gear machining is crucial. By mounting specialised worm hobbing cutters, the hobbing machine is able to follow the helical trajectory of the worm shaft, removing the metal from the worm gear blank layer by layer to form a precise concave-arc tooth surface. During the hobbing process, the hob and the workpiece rotate and feed in the axial direction according to a strict motion relationship, ensuring that the tooth shape developed is highly consistent with the design requirements. Modern CNC hobbing machine has a high-precision servo control system, which can finely adjust the cutting parameters to achieve efficient processing of complex tooth shape and high precision requirements of worm gears.

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