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Professional Customisation High Quality Broaching Accessories Broaching Cutter Tools Providing One-stop Solution

Broach for CNC broaching machine is a tool specially used to perform broaching operations, its role is mainly to cut the workpiece through its own teeth, a one-time completion of a large number of metal material removal, especially good at processing the internal and external shape of the regular through holes, blind holes, keyways, spline holes, and other geometric features, to achieve high-precision, high-efficiency machining.

CNC broaching machine is usually used to process various parts in automotive, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, precision instruments and other industries, such as cylinder block, cylinder head, box, flange and other large basic parts of the hole system and keyway, as well as all kinds of precision parts of the inner hole and flat keyway.

Features of broaches:

1.High-efficiency resection rate: broach consists of multiple cutting teeth, one stroke can complete a larger volume of metal cutting, significantly improving productivity.

2. High-precision machining: broach machining process, broach and the workpiece between no sliding friction, cutting force along the direction of the workpiece axis, is conducive to obtaining higher dimensional accuracy and lower surface roughness.

3. Wear-resistant and durable: broaches are mostly made of high-quality cemented carbide or high-speed steel materials, with good wear resistance and long service life.

4. Wide machining range: broaches can be used for machining various shapes of through holes, step holes, keyways, spline holes, etc., adaptability.

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