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Service Solutions About Gear Machinery

Remote Service

The CNC friendly interface facilitates the learning of the machine's operation, and it can also be operated via a short educational regimen.

Service Programs

The wear and tear of the production environment will have a negative effect on your equipment. If not properly cared for, constant use will lead to decreased performance over time, and increase the probability of early failures and a complete machine failure. Our made-to-fit service programs facilitate maximum availability of machines and the best quality of parts.

Gear Manufacturing Services & Production Support

  • Gear Production

    We have the appropriate equipment and knowhow to provide customization services and production assistance for Cylindrical spur and helical gear.

  • Metrology Services

    We can examine all varieties of gear types, including helical, cylindrical, and special teeth.

  • Cutting Tool Services

    We provide you with all of the services necessary for customized devices that are fixtured, including the design and creation of components for use in devices.

Modernization Programs

Mechanical Reconditioning of Core Components

Components are removed from our service station and analyzed, then completely reconstructed using new components. Depending on the condition of the component, you may perform overhauls on your premises.

Adding Automation Systems to Existing Equipment

We can automate machine tools and sized workpieces. Optional loading and unloading system. We evaluate your requirements and provide you with a custom solution.

Global Shipping Services

We offer a 2 year warranty to all of our customers, and provide all of our customers with comprehensive logistics services.
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Wuxi Geepro Gear Technology Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2016, with the research and development, processing and sales of gears and gear machinery and equipment as the main business direction.

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