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G150 6 axis CNC Gear Hobbing Machine

G150 CNC hobbing machine to process a sample gear with a 4-modules diameter of 160 large helix angle of 45 degrees, mainly for the cylindrical spur and helical gears, the gear, under synchronous belt wheel, spline gear, worm gear, drum parts production and processing, such as research and development.

G200 CNC Hobbing machine for Worm Wheel Gear cutting

G200 6-axis CNC Gear Hobbing Machine for Cutting Timing Pulley, with maximum machining diameter of 200mm and maximum handling module of 4 m. It is mainly developed for the production and machining of cylindrical spur gears, helical gears, gears, lower timing pulleys, spline gears, worm gears, pulleys and other parts.

G350 Vertical CNC gear hobbing machine

The G350 6-axis CNC Hobbing Machine is used to cut gears of 350 mm diameter and modules of 3-6. Compared with YK series, the advantages of this series are higher rigidity, higher cutting force, higher accuracy and stability, and maximum maintenance-free B-axis and C-axis.

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